Maxine & Ian

Maxine & Ian were married in a lovely intimate service at St Peter’s Church in Hamsey. The ancient church of St Peter, Hamsey stands on its hill in a curve of the river Ouse just north of Lewes in East Sussex, England. It served as the parish church from before the Norman conquest in 1066 and part of the church was certainly standing at the beginning of the second millenium. The choir that sang in the church were the utterly incredible “Schola Cantorum” of St. Pancras Catholic Church. Being a February wedding we were prepared for cold weather and hot water bottles and blankets were adorning the pews for family and friends as they arrived. The sun made up for the incredible wind that blew over the hill, but I’ve always quite liked the photo opportunities that a gust of wind and a bride’s veil can create. I took a while for me to get my car out of the field next to the church but I was in good company and each guest was heaving through the mud to push every car out. After all the exertion of car pushing it was particularly great to arrive at The Ginger Fox in Albourne where an afternoon reception was held. The sun continued to shine and it was really homely atmosphere with all 7 of Maxine and Ian’s children attending! It’s always impressed me how a smaller wedding can still have such a great atmosphere…

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