Ben & Tor

Ben & Tor were married on 1st March 2014 at The Church of St Bartholomew in Corsham and then The Manor House, Castle Combe in Wiltshire. I had shot a wedding at The Manor the previous summer and it’s a really pretty venue with a great garden to take a few photos in if the weather is kind. Amazingly the sun was out – so we were able to! The sunlight is low in the sky in early spring and I love the opportunity to shoot into it when possible. They had also created one of  the most original table plans I’ve seen to date using CD sleeves. The speeches were epic as there about 5 and the sweepstake for it was equally well executed. Ben and a number of guests formed the band for the first few songs of the evening’s entertainment and they were utterly hilarious and brilliant, hopefully as the pictures show…

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