The Ten Best Wedding Photo Ideas Ever

Having spent days, weeks, months ….. no even years, organising your wedding it makes sense to take the time to ensure you get some of the best wedding photo ideas incorporated into your own wedding album. As a creative wedding photographer for over 15 years let me give you my ten best tips to ensure your wedding album is one you will be proud of:

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Wedding photo ideas – for you

  1. If you give your wedding photographer ¬†just a little bit of time in your (very) busy wedding schedule he will repay you over and over again with timeless photographs that you will treasure for years to come. So many times I see the couple whisked away because “The hotel need us in there, now” where an extra ten minutes built into the schedule before the big day would have allowed enough time to create the most stunning photographs for your album.
  2. The best wedding photos ideas require both creativity and organisation on the part of your wedding photographer. The best photographs may look simple when done well but that belies the planning and thought that went into them. Creative candid photography rarely happens on its own – it needs a little planning.
  3. The truly great wedding photo ideas reflect the personality of the couple. If you look at some of the wedding photographs on this page you will see they work because they look so natural. I always discuss my creative wedding photo ideas with my clients before the day to get a feel for what kind of people they are and what imagery appeals to them most.
  4. Remember you don’t need St Paul’s cathedral to get great pictures. In my opinion, the best wedding photo ideas are built around the people not around the location. Yes the location can help, but it’s not the most important part of the photograph.
  5. Your wedding album will naturally include all of the classic formal photographs that are part of the day but if you give your wedding photographer a free reign to think outside the box he will amaze and delight you with his creativity, assuming you have picked the right photographer, of course. To make sure you have, always ask to see the photographers creative wedding pictures and ask what they would do if given a free reign to come up with something really special.
  6. Be prepared to try different ideas to see what works best. Not everyone is a natural model and even models make sure they get that perfect shot by simply trying out as many different ideas and different poses they possibly can. Ask your photographer to come up with at least half a dozen really original wedding photo ideas for your big day and then you simply pick the best. If they all work out that’s just a bonus. As a professional photographer I am always delighted when I get a couple who are involved and interested in the process and it spurs me on to make sure they get the best pictures possible.
  7. And finally, if you want your album to be dripping with the kind of creative wedding photo ideas ever, I will give you one piece of advice that will make the most difference on the day. Whatever else you do, make sure you go out there and enjoy it. Don’t worry about the weather, or that little spot that appeared the day before or any of that stuff. Just relax, smile, laugh – and cry – but above all, enjoy what will undoubtedly be one of the most special days of your life. And you know what? When I turn up a week later with the photos – your happiness and love for each other will be evident for everyone to see.

Wedding photo ideas – sensational creative wedding photography by Joe Short

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