We received the photos last week. I have been meaning to get in contact with you since, but in fact we’ve spent most of our time going through the photos time and time again! Ian and I both wanted to thank you for your hard work. We were both very concerned when booking a photographer that we would spend all day having to pose for formal shots. It was really refreshing to be able to work through those quickly and then to get on with enjoying ourselves. We both love the formal photos that you took. However, what really made the day was the fact that you were able to get on so well with people, so that they were comfortable to have you around. This meant that there are some really stunning relaxed photos of not only Ian and I, but also of all our guests. Finally, having you stay on into the evening has meant that the photos are a much better reflection of the whole day, rather than just the initial reception. Many people who attended commented on your style, and all bar none were clearly very impressed with you. I would definitely recommend you to anyone that I knew who was getting married –  for producing stunning photos, having an easy style that means it is a pleasure to have you around, and as a result bringing out the best in people so that even the least photogenic look good!