Creative Wedding Photography

Creative wedding photography is the art of capturing both the formal and the informal moments of a wedding day and ensuring that those pictures tell the whole story in the most emotional and original way possible. Traditional wedding photographers are very good at getting the “posed” formal photographs, and to be fair, we all expect to see those in a wedding album. But that is only part of the day – so much more is happening behind the scenes and as a result there has been an increase in demand over the last ten years for the more casual, or less posed, styles of wedding photography often referred to as “reportage” or “contemporary” wedding photography.These photographs capture the spirit, the love, the emotion and the joy of one of the most important days of your life.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Creative Wedding Photography – getting the very best images from your wedding day

If you’re looking for a wedding album that genuinely makes people smile from ear to ear, the secret is to ensure your creative wedding photography is carried out by a wedding photographer who is capable of capturing both genres. Of course you will want some of the posed, classic shots that reflect the importance and, indeed, the grandeur of the day. But you also need a photographer who has that unique ability to merge with crowd and come away with some of the most sensational “blink of the eye” photographs that bring a tear to your eye. You know the sort of pictures I mean the moment you see them. The expression on the mother’s face the moment she sees her daughter in the dress for the very first time, the look of love between the happy couple caught in an instance as they glance across thinking no one is looking, the look on Uncle John’s face when he sees the bridesmaids – oh, the list is endless. Creative wedding photography is about capturing images that are unexpected, unpredictable and as fleeting as the blink of an eye.

Creative Wedding Photography by Joe Short

I have made creative wedding photography my passion in life. My work is dedicated to giving the happy couple an album of pictures that they will treasure for the rest of their lives, pictures that they cannot wait to show to their friends at every opportunity and equally, pictures that they truly love to look at time and time again when cuddled up on the sofa. Through my own particular style of creative wedding photography I want to give my clients an album that they will treasure for years and years to come. I hope that as you look at some of the images on my web site you will see my passion and my enthusiasm to provide the highest quality creative wedding photography possible. All my work comes highly recommended and fully guaranteed.

Creative wedding photography London

I am based in both London and Bath but I also travel throughout the UK and around the world for clients who are looking for something special. For the very best creative wedding photography contact Joe Short on 01225 482388 or 07880 543388.